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Ten Tips to Supercharge Your Online Presence . . .

February 28, 2011 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

is the title of my article I co-authored with Jim Calloway and Nerino Petro in the February issue of Law Practice Today that was just published last week. Jim, Nerino, and I selected these tips from our presentation 60+ Best Marketing Practices for Lawyers in 60 Minutes.

The tips focus on web-based marketing, including social networking and refurbishing law firm websites. Most of the tips can be implemented quickly and at low-cost.

I believe a quick read of the article will be a worthwhile use of your valuable time.

Success Costs 20% Less This Week Only!

July 26, 2010 By: Reid and Dan Category: Announcements, Uncategorized

All ABA books including the Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice are discounted 20% through July 30, 2010. Head to the ABA Webstore and check out our book and other terrific books–including  some of our favorites from Jim Calloway & Mark Robertson, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell, and Sharon Nelson & John Simek. Just enter discount code PAB9IPSS1 at checkout to redeem your savings on these books and more.

We Love Facebook, But Beware The Growing Fraudsters

May 03, 2010 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

Dan has written extensively on this blog, his PracticePro blog, and on about the cheque fraud that is claiming victims across the legal profession in the U.S. and Canada. That fraudulent activity has yet to abate, and we are now faced with another type of fraud: Fake and stolen Facebook account fraud. Similar to the deceptive practices Dan has warned about, these fraudsters are phishing to steal Facebook accounts, and then seek to defraud the friends of the real Facebook account owner. According to this article in the New York Times, millions of accounts are bundled and sold to criminals who then post fake messages seeking money from Facebook friends. For example, one such fake message (obstensibly from the account owner) asking friends for money to help her get home from Europe where she was stuck without funds to return home.  Furthermore, access to Facebook accounts can provide personal information that can help these criminals answer account security questions such as “What is your mother’s maiden name?” Scary stuff, but just the tip of the iceberg.

It seems that with almost any technology, the more popular it becomes, the more security concerns pop-up. With over 400 million users, if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. And millions of those people are now closely interconnected. No wonder the world’s criminals are out in full force.

So as with any other technology, beware. Stay up-to-date. Learn and apply security settings. Take care who you friend. Apply the same common sense to requests via Facebook as you would by mail, telephone or e-mail: Make sure you really know who is contacting you.

It’s a shrinking world out there, but the neighborhood is still rough!

Sixty iPhone Apps for Lawyers from ABA TECHSHOW 2010

April 01, 2010 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

Jeff Richardson and I had a great time presenting 60 iPhone Apps in 60 Minutes at ABA TECHSHOW 2010 in Chicago last week. We spent many hours over the past several months seeking out the best, practical, (and sometimes fun) apps available for the iPhone and that are useful for busy lawyers. From Black’s Law Dictionary to the Federal Rules of Evidence; from document editors to dictation apps; from travel tools to printing apps, we did our best to narrow down the almost 150,000 available apps to just 60. And we presented it in 60 minutes.

Last month I gave everyone a sneak peak at my top ten apps for busy lawyers, but we can now share the rest of them, thanks to Jeff’s effort here and below. Enjoy!

60 Apps in 60 Minutes, 2010 Edition

Research and Accessing the Law

  1. Fed. R. Civ. Pro. by Cliff Maier ($2.99)
  2. Black’s Law Dictionary ($49.99)
  3. Barron’s Law Dictionary ($14.99)
  4. La. Civil Code ($6.99)
  5. U.S. Code by Prof. Shawn Bayern (free)
  6. Fastcase (free)
  7. Lexis Get Cases & Shepardize (free)
  8. Congress in Your Pocket ($0.99-$29.99)
  9. Merck Manual ($9.99-$29.99)
  10. Drug Trials (free)
  11. Wikipanion (free-$4.99)
  12. People (free)
  13. Google Mobile (free)
  14. Bing (free)

Viewing and Editing Documents

  1. Documents to Go ($9.99-$14.99)
  2. Quickoffice ($9.99-$14.99)
  3. Office2 ($2.99-$5.99)
  4. Zosh ($2.99)
  5. Bento ($4.99)
  6. ScanR Business Center ($24.99)

Remote Access

  1. LogMeIn Ignition ($29.99)
  2. Dropbox (free)

Personal Productivity

  1. Groups ($4.99)
  2. Time tracking apps (various)
  3. Things ($9.99)
  4. Personal Assistant (free-$6.99)
  5. Evernote (free)
  6. Dragon Dictation (free)
  7. SpeakWrite (free)
  8. Awesome Note (free-$3.99)
  9. West CLE Mobile (free)


  1. GateGuru (free)
  2. MotionX GPS Drive ($0.99)
  3. Skype (free)
  4. Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search (free)
  5. The Weather Channel (free-$3.99)
  6. WeatherBug (free-$0.99)
  7. AutoPark ($4.99)


  1. Eye Glasses ($2.99)
  2. DaysFrom Date Calculator ($0.99)
  3. AppBox Pro ($0.99)
  4. Keynote Remote ($0.99)
  5. AT&T’s Mark the Spot (free)
  6. Pastebot ($2.99)
  7. Gorillacam (free)
  8. Print n Share ($6.99)
  9. ZeroTap (free)

Marketing and Social Networking

  1. Facebook (free)
  2. Twitterific (free-$4.99)
  3. TweetDeck (free)
  4. Bump (free)
  5. UStream Live Broadcaster (free)
  6. No Traffic Tickets (free)
  7. MoFo2Go (free)

Assisting With Your Personal Life

  1. NotifyMe (free-$3.99)
  2. Grocery IQ ($0.99)
  3. Siri (free)
  4. Anti-Mosquito Pro ($0.99)
  5. Bills ~ On Your Table ($1.99)
  6. Yelp (free)
  7. RadLaser ($1.99)
  8. Relax ($2.99)
  9. Amazon Kindle (free)
  10. Mint (free)


  1. DirecTV (free)
  2. Cocktails+ ($2.99)
  3. Lightsaber Duel (available soon)
  4. Pandora Radio (free)
  5. SoundHound ($4.99)
  6. RunPee Mobile ($1.99)
  7. More Cowbell ($0.99)

UPDATED & EXPANDED–The 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers

December 10, 2009 By: Reid Category: Announcements, Uncategorized

I had the opportunity to hit the mall on Black Friday, visit New York City stores on Sunday, and snoop around the Internet on Cyber Monday, so I have added several new gift ideas to the 2009 Gift Guide for Lawyers, at my other blog. The new additions include a cool new dual screen laptop computer, a surprisingly good Christmas album from a surprising source, and several items from lawyer owned and operatedThe Billable Hour Company.

The Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Lawyers

December 02, 2009 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

Well, it’s actually a gift guide for all lawyers and anyone who is busy looking for a holiday gift for their favorite lawyer–whether that is their spouse, law partner, brother, friend, or whomever. The gift guide is published on my other blog, ReidMyBlog, and is a public service for our wonderful profession. I don’t make a dollar from it, but I do get the satisfaction of creating it each year, finding some of the best gift ideas in a wide range of price categories for lawyers of all stripes. You’ll be pleased to know The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success made the select list this year–funny how that happened! :-)

Great Marketing Tips from the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference

November 30, 2009 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

I am a big fan of state bar-sponsored solo/small firm conferences aimed at bringing lawyers together to learn, network, and have fun together. I was pleased to be a presenter recently at the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference organized by the State Bar of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Bar Association. The two and a half day event was held at the Kalahari Resort with three tracks of programs going on simultaneously for the more than 250 lawyers in attendance.

Jane Pribek of the Wisconsin Law Journal captured the essence of one session–60 Marketing Best Practices in 60 Minutes in her article about the program featuring Nerino Petro, Jim Calloway, Dustin Cole, and me. Here are several other tips from the session that I found helpful too:

Build Relationships, Not Remorse
Give the client a useful gift when they hire you. Cajuns call this lagniappe or “something extra”. It can be a card with an emergency phone number to contact you, or a booklet your firm has written outlining the type of case (family, bankruptcy, patent prosecution, or immigration) that they will be facing, or something of similar usefulness during their legal matter.  Make them pleased they hired you!

Rejuvenate Your Website
Do a website makeover, then build traffic to it and referrals from it.
•    Make it education-based, client focused, and easy to find
•    Provide something of value for free in return for their contact information; then follow-up with more information
•    Develop a companion blog and link to other informative sites
•    Have multiple domain names that point to your site; you can be,, and at that same time.

Know Your Customers
When a customer comes into a hardware store looking for a drill bit, want they really are shopping for is a hole.  Make sure you always know what kind of hole your customers need.

Have a Marketing Plan
Keep it simple: What does the customer want to buy? Where are they? What are their needs? What are their values?  How do we create and deliver what the consumer wants to buy? How do we develop a relationship with that potential consumer?

The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success Now Available Through Amazon

November 19, 2009 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

We are pleased to note that The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice is now available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters (in Canada) and other book e-tailers. Although the book has been available via the ABA Webstore, it is now available for less than the ABA price and qualifies for free shipping from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

We wrote The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success to be a compact and practical idea book to help lawyers efficiently and effectively improve their practices without wading through mountains of magazine articles or pouring through books to get to the useful essence of the author’s wisdom. With over 700 tips and ideas organized into 140 pages, the book will more than pay for itself for lawyers who implement just one or two practical tips.

Our favorite go-to, get-it-done, easy-to-use iPhone apps for lawyers, TECHSHOW 2009 edition

April 02, 2009 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

The Apple iPhone is the best piece of technology I have ever owned. It does amazing things to allow busy lawyers to stay connected and be productive from just about anywhere. But don’t just take my word for it: Three leading Mac/iPhone blawgers, Jeff Richardson, David Sparks, and Ben Stevens (and me) got together in advance of the 2009 ABA TECHSHOW to publish our list of favorite productive, must-have apps for the iPhone, simultaneously publishing it today on our 4 blogs, and in advance of our roundtable tomorrow here at TECHSHOW, Is That an iPhone in Your Pocket?!

Update: Here is the link to the favorite iPhone apps blog post.