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Great Marketing Tips from the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference

November 30, 2009 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

I am a big fan of state bar-sponsored solo/small firm conferences aimed at bringing lawyers together to learn, network, and have fun together. I was pleased to be a presenter recently at the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference organized by the State Bar of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Bar Association. The two and a half day event was held at the Kalahari Resort with three tracks of programs going on simultaneously for the more than 250 lawyers in attendance.

Jane Pribek of the Wisconsin Law Journal captured the essence of one session–60 Marketing Best Practices in 60 Minutes in her article about the program featuring Nerino Petro, Jim Calloway, Dustin Cole, and me. Here are several other tips from the session that I found helpful too:

Build Relationships, Not Remorse
Give the client a useful gift when they hire you. Cajuns call this lagniappe or “something extra”. It can be a card with an emergency phone number to contact you, or a booklet your firm has written outlining the type of case (family, bankruptcy, patent prosecution, or immigration) that they will be facing, or something of similar usefulness during their legal matter.  Make them pleased they hired you!

Rejuvenate Your Website
Do a website makeover, then build traffic to it and referrals from it.
•    Make it education-based, client focused, and easy to find
•    Provide something of value for free in return for their contact information; then follow-up with more information
•    Develop a companion blog and link to other informative sites
•    Have multiple domain names that point to your site; you can be,, and at that same time.

Know Your Customers
When a customer comes into a hardware store looking for a drill bit, want they really are shopping for is a hole.  Make sure you always know what kind of hole your customers need.

Have a Marketing Plan
Keep it simple: What does the customer want to buy? Where are they? What are their needs? What are their values?  How do we create and deliver what the consumer wants to buy? How do we develop a relationship with that potential consumer?

Nancy Byerly Jones Re-post: Celebrating Great Holiday Moments … Ignoring the Not-So-Good!

November 26, 2009 By: Dan Category: Wellness and balance

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Although we have never met, over the years I have avidly read and learned a lot from Nancy Byerly Jones. She has written some great articles and created some awesome resources on risk management and claims prevention. My good friend and fellow PMA (practice management advisor) Jim Calloway pointed out a great post Nancy made on her blog yesterday.

Nancy gives us all solid practical advice for making the most with family and friends on this US Thanksgiving (we actually did Thanksgiving in Canada about a month ago), and indeed on any other holiday. In her post Nancy said:

Some of the best advice I ever received was to cherish the good moments during the holidays. In other words, instead of our lamenting over the presence of a loud, obnoxious relative or your grumpy ol’ Uncle’s sour outlook on life, celebrate the one or two moments they actually laughed, shared a rare hug or cracked a funny one liner. If we judge our holidays in their totality, we may very well be disappointed because we so badly wanted the entire holiday to be picture perfect. Yet, we all know perfect just “ain’t” going to happen in the midst of all our personality differences, quirks and wide ranging dispositions.

And so we must cherish all the good moments of our holidays and give them the highest priority in our memory banks. Better yet, after duly noting any lessons to be learned from our unpleasant life experiences, we benefit tremendously (mentally and physically) from assigning our bad memories a permanent “time out” status. In fact, deep breathing myself back into the present moment and living each one fully are among my most valuable stress management “tools.” I count on these “tools” when I get stuck dwelling on painful past memories or unproductively worrying about the future. Don’t get me wrong …. planning ahead wisely is a worthwhile endeavor….unproductive worrying, however, is costly. It costs us the moments at hand, stress and usually resolves nothing … unproductive.

This familiar quote rings so true with me …..”We don’t remember days…we remember moments.” So with another holiday season upon us, I will be looking for and cherishing all the good moments that occur with family and friends and I will refuse to let the not-so-good ones dampen my spirits. How about you?

Happy Thanksgiving, Safe Travels, Enjoyable Feasting &
Wishing Each of You Many Happy Moments with Family & Friends!

Words to live by on our holidays and in our personal and professional lives. Thanks for some great advice Nancy! Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends and acquaintances.

Supercharge Your Referrals with Technology

November 23, 2009 By: Reid Category: Making (more) Money, Marketing and Client Development, Strategy & Planning

At TECHSHOW 2009 I was pleased to work with web media guru Steve Matthews to present Supercharge Your Referrals with Technology, a seminar that focuses on successfully incorporating social media into your referral-based marketing efforts.  Steve reminded me with this blog post that the paper that accompanied our seminar is now online at the TECHSHOW blog as part of the Best of TECHSHOW series. The article does a good job of explaining how social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can boost your marketing–if done with a sound strategy.

The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success Now Available Through Amazon

November 19, 2009 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

We are pleased to note that The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice is now available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters (in Canada) and other book e-tailers. Although the book has been available via the ABA Webstore, it is now available for less than the ABA price and qualifies for free shipping from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

We wrote The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success to be a compact and practical idea book to help lawyers efficiently and effectively improve their practices without wading through mountains of magazine articles or pouring through books to get to the useful essence of the author’s wisdom. With over 700 tips and ideas organized into 140 pages, the book will more than pay for itself for lawyers who implement just one or two practical tips.