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Dan and Reid promise our readers there will be a second edition of our book

February 28, 2010 By: Dan Category: Announcements

Despite all the public and private ribbing, and strong patriotism on both sides of the border, Dan and Reid promise our readers there will be a second edition of our book full of even more great tips – regardless of who wins.

UPDATE: Yeah, but now that Canada has the gold medal Dan gets to be listed first on the cover! RT

Facebook tip: List multiple websites on your Facebook profile page

February 24, 2010 By: Dan Category: TechTip, Technology

Facebook appears to let you list only a single website or blog on your profile page.

Of course, many people have a website and a blog, and loads of us have connections with multiple websites and/or blogs.

With this simple trick you can list multiple sites on your Facebook profile page: Simply list the URLs for multiple sites in the Website textbox and separate them with a comma. They will display properly as separate links on your Profile page. Not sure if there is an upper limit, but I currently list 5 websites and blogs on my Facebook profile.

OMG–The Price of Our Book Reaches $122.00 on eBay!

February 12, 2010 By: Reid and Dan Category: Announcements

We’re all in favor of healthy profits, but even we think $122.oo is too much for our book–used at that! And yes that’s in US dollars–it would be about $3,000 in Canadian dollars! :-) Well, that’s what it’s selling for on eBay this week!

So while we think our book has great value to readers far in excess of $122.00, we recommend purchasing it for about 1/3 that price on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Chapters (in Canada).

Oh, and if you DO decide to buy it on eBay, let us know. For that price we’ll authograph it for you! :-)

Top Ten iPhone Apps for Busy Lawyers

February 11, 2010 By: Reid Category: Client Service, Firm Management & Operations, Marketing and Client Development, Technology

In a few weeks, I’ll be presenting the seminar 60 iPhone Apps in 60 Minutes at ABA TECHSHOW, but I thought I’d share a sneak peek at ten of the best apps for busy lawyers. Thanks to my co-presenter, Jeff Richardson, of iPhoneJD fame for his contributions to this post. These are among the top apps to keep iPhone lawyers productive and successful.

AppBoxPro.  Every iPhone owner needs one of these multi-function apps that includes a currency converter, date calculator, translator (text), tip calculator, international holiday calendar, unit converter, battery life meter, and more. AppBoxPro is the best I’ve found to date. This one $0.99 app thus replaces the need for many separate, single function $0.99 apps.

Bento. Bento is a $50 powerful but easy to use database for the Mac.  It doesn’t have all of the features of a professional database program like its big brother FileMaker Pro.  But if you use a Mac and you need to create a database to keep track of just about anything for yourself, Bento is a great fit.  It is designed to look like iTunes, and is just as easy to use.  The $4.99 Bento iPhone app can be used as a standalone product, but is most useful as a companion to the desktop app.  You can sync the app with your computer, and virtually all of the fields are carried over to the iPhone, including any fields that contain pictures. You can also create a new database from within the Bento app.  Indeed, if you don’t have a Mac running Bento, then this is the only way to use the app.  When you tap the “New Library” button you can create either a blank database or can start with a pre-designed template and then edit it.  Templates are included for the following: Projects, Contacts, To Do Items, Recipes, Diet Log, Events, Files, Inventory, Event Planning, Time Billing, Home Inventory, Expenses, Exercise Log, Vehicle Maintenance, Classes, Digital Media, Student List, Membership List, Products for Sale, Equipment, Issue Tracking, Items Sold, Customer, Donations, and Notes. Each one of those templates are excellent examples of the types of databases that it would be handy to keep on your iPhone.  The Bento app also, by default, includes a database called Address Book.  This database contains all of the contents of the Contacts on your iPhone and is always synced with the latest information.

Bump. Bump is a new way to exchange contact information instead of using business cards. Merely open the app and select the amount of personal information you want to divulge, then gently bump your iPhone against the other person’s iPhone and you will share information almost instantly. Yep, this is a high-tech business card exchange.

Documents to Go Premium
.  This app lets you edit, create, and view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.  (You can also view, but not edit, other file formats such as PDF, Apple iWork, and others.)  The editing features are sophisticated, but the app also does a much better job of viewing files than the iPhone does on its own.  And if you use Microsoft Exchange or Gmail for your e-mail, this is the only app that can directly access your e-mail attachments so that you can download an attachment to an e-mail, view or edit it, and then send it to someone.  This is an essential app for most every lawyer.

Dragon Dictation. Just as powerful as it’s big brother Dragon Dictate, this free, easy-to-use voice-recognition app is a quick alternative to typing e-mails, text messages, tweeting, or updating your status on Facebook. Damn accurate too.

DropBox. This is yet another file sharing service that provides on-line file storage, access, and sharing from multiple computers and mobile devices. It has a very clean interface and is easy to install and set up. Users receive 2 gigs of storage for free, with 50 gigs running $10 per month, a bit pricey given other available options. Still, I keep documents I am presently working on in my DropBox account, just in case I need a copy.

Google Mobile App. You can always do a Google search using the Safari web browser on the iPhone, but the marquee feature of the free Google Mobile app is the ability to just speak your search terms.  Start the app and hold up the iPhone to your face.  The app will use the proximity sensor to sense your face and play a beep so that you can say some search terms.  Give the app a second and look at the screen, and you will see search results.

.  This free app is essentially a national “White Pages” database at your fingertips, and a very good one at that. It can search for a phone number, requiring a last name and city; it will search for a person or business based on a street address and zip code; and it is a reverse phone directory too. It’s very handy for personal and professional use, and avoids many of the ads and sales pitches from websites promising similar services.

ScanR Business Center. There are other apps like ScanR (such as DocScanner and JotNot) and they cost less, but you’ll be happier paying the price for this one. ScanR allows you to create PDFs using your iPhone camera or using a picture on your camera roll. Just take a picture of the document you need, upload it to your ScanR account (free to set up), the document is next e-mailed to you as a PDF, but not a searchable PDF. If needed, quickly run the new PDF through OCR software and now you have an editable document. I’ve tested this from business cards to old magazine articles, and I have not been disappointed yet.

This app lets you make either free or very cheap calls on your iPhone using VOIP (voice over internet protocol).  While you can use this app at home, it is particularly useful when you are traveling internationally.  If you have Wi-Fi access, such as in a hotel, you can talk to any user on Skype for free, or even more useful, you can call any landline or cell phone in the U.S. for just a few pennies per minute, which is far less than you would pay with international roaming charges, not to mention far less than what most hotels charge to make international phone calls.
Bonus app because I couldn’t cull the list down to ten!

Things. This task management app is for iPhone users but also has a separate app for Mac computers. It does one thing very well and only one thing: it keeps track of your projects. It’s not cluttered with calendar, contact manager, and other functions, which allows this app to have a very clean interface. That makes it easy to use for just about anyone. When the app is opened I can clearly see what I need to complete today, what I have scheduled to do next, and what ideas I have recorded to complete in the future. When installed on both a Mac and an iPhone, information can be synced over the same wireless network.

Want more? Join us at ABA TECHSHOW in March!

Busy Lawyers Should Attend TECHSHOW 2010 in Chicago

February 09, 2010 By: Reid Category: Collaboration, Events, Technology

Both Dan and I will be headed to ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago  on March 25-27, 2010, and we encourage all our readers to join us that this valuable conference. Whether you are a tech novice or guru, there is something for all legal professionals at TECHSHOW.

Dan and I might be a tad biased: Dan is a former chair of the TECHSHOW Planning Board, and I currently serve on the Board. As TECHSHOW insiders we know how hard the Board works to ensure the conference delivers great value for your time and money. This year is no exception–the 3 days of seminars, vendor showcase, and personal networking are outstanding!

With the rise of cloud computing, the continued march of mobile lawyering, recent changes in on-line legal research, and more lawyers wanting to go “paperless” TECHSHOW is the only place to get the information directly from the best technology minds in our profession and beyond.

I will be presenting several sessions this year: Document Management on a Dime (with Donna Neff)  and 60 iPhone Apps in 60 Minutes (with Jeff Richardson). Dan is presenting Google Tools for Lawyers and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Crackberries. In addition, Dan and I are collaborating on Practical Use of Smart Phones, an interactive hands-on session about the nuances of smart phones.

In addition to the educational sessions, there will be an expo hall full of over 100 vendors who can demonstrate the latest time-saving, productivity-enhancing products for your law firm. Plus, there are plenty of social opportunities to solidify and expand your business network, including the always-popular Taste of TECHSHOW dinners.

Want to know more? Email Dan or me (using the “Contact Us” button above) and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

ABA TECHSHOW is not to be missed!

Is the Apple iPad a New Tool for Busy Lawyers?

February 08, 2010 By: Reid Category: Collaboration, Technology

Articles and information abound about the upcoming Apple iPad tablet computer, but here are four resources that will help busy lawyers learn quickly whether an iPad is in their future.

Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell do a fantastic job analyzing the pros and cons in their latest Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast. Download and listen to their practical and insightful thoughts on whether the iPad is a game-changer for lawyers.

Jordon Furlong further explores the issues in his blog post on Slaw, mentioning both my blog post, Is the Apple iPad the Tipping Point? and John Wallibillich’s succinct iPad post on his Wired GC blog.

I won’t make my final decision about buying an iPad until I see and try it, but it just seems to me to be the right tool at the right time in the evolution of technology–especially with the dramatic rise of cloud computing.

The Best Law Practice Management Books are Now Up To 25% Off

February 01, 2010 By: Reid Category: Announcements, Collaboration, Firm Management & Operations, Making (more) Money, Technology

Many of the best books in the field of law practice management are on sale for up to 25% off, including The 2010 Solo & Small Firm Legal Technology Guide, Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour, and my favorite–The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success! :-)

Word-2007 2010 Solo Small Firm Tech Guide Collaboration Tools & Technologies Winning Alternatives to the Billable HourThe Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice

February is a great time to spend a few hours each weekend to chill out and read these books to get more ideas and information to have a more successful 2010.

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