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What to keep in your employee files: A small law firm’s guide

April 23, 2010 By: Dan Category: Firm Management & Operations

Our very good friend Jim Calloway wrote a great column for the April 22, 2010 LawyersUSA. It covers what should be in small law firm employee files.

In many small law firms there is no formal personnel file or other records for employees besides payroll and tax records. Jim’s article suggests that, at a minimum, there should be a separate file for every employee. Each employee file should contain:

  • contact information for the employee;
  • emergency contact information;
  • every Form W-4 the employee has furnished to the firm;
  • copies of all W-2s and other payroll and tax information could be kept in the employment file (or in another location).

Beyond the basics, consider including these things:

  • A job description;
  • A written employment application;
  • Copies of all documents submitted during the application process;
  • A copy of the written offer of employment;
  • Completed evaluations of the employee’s performance;
  • Notes about the employee’s errors.

Read the complete article here.

Sixty iPhone Apps for Lawyers from ABA TECHSHOW 2010

April 01, 2010 By: Reid Category: Uncategorized

Jeff Richardson and I had a great time presenting 60 iPhone Apps in 60 Minutes at ABA TECHSHOW 2010 in Chicago last week. We spent many hours over the past several months seeking out the best, practical, (and sometimes fun) apps available for the iPhone and that are useful for busy lawyers. From Black’s Law Dictionary to the Federal Rules of Evidence; from document editors to dictation apps; from travel tools to printing apps, we did our best to narrow down the almost 150,000 available apps to just 60. And we presented it in 60 minutes.

Last month I gave everyone a sneak peak at my top ten apps for busy lawyers, but we can now share the rest of them, thanks to Jeff’s effort here and below. Enjoy!

60 Apps in 60 Minutes, 2010 Edition

Research and Accessing the Law

  1. Fed. R. Civ. Pro. by Cliff Maier ($2.99)
  2. Black’s Law Dictionary ($49.99)
  3. Barron’s Law Dictionary ($14.99)
  4. La. Civil Code ($6.99)
  5. U.S. Code by Prof. Shawn Bayern (free)
  6. Fastcase (free)
  7. Lexis Get Cases & Shepardize (free)
  8. Congress in Your Pocket ($0.99-$29.99)
  9. Merck Manual ($9.99-$29.99)
  10. Drug Trials (free)
  11. Wikipanion (free-$4.99)
  12. People (free)
  13. Google Mobile (free)
  14. Bing (free)

Viewing and Editing Documents

  1. Documents to Go ($9.99-$14.99)
  2. Quickoffice ($9.99-$14.99)
  3. Office2 ($2.99-$5.99)
  4. Zosh ($2.99)
  5. Bento ($4.99)
  6. ScanR Business Center ($24.99)

Remote Access

  1. LogMeIn Ignition ($29.99)
  2. Dropbox (free)

Personal Productivity

  1. Groups ($4.99)
  2. Time tracking apps (various)
  3. Things ($9.99)
  4. Personal Assistant (free-$6.99)
  5. Evernote (free)
  6. Dragon Dictation (free)
  7. SpeakWrite (free)
  8. Awesome Note (free-$3.99)
  9. West CLE Mobile (free)


  1. GateGuru (free)
  2. MotionX GPS Drive ($0.99)
  3. Skype (free)
  4. Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search (free)
  5. The Weather Channel (free-$3.99)
  6. WeatherBug (free-$0.99)
  7. AutoPark ($4.99)


  1. Eye Glasses ($2.99)
  2. DaysFrom Date Calculator ($0.99)
  3. AppBox Pro ($0.99)
  4. Keynote Remote ($0.99)
  5. AT&T’s Mark the Spot (free)
  6. Pastebot ($2.99)
  7. Gorillacam (free)
  8. Print n Share ($6.99)
  9. ZeroTap (free)

Marketing and Social Networking

  1. Facebook (free)
  2. Twitterific (free-$4.99)
  3. TweetDeck (free)
  4. Bump (free)
  5. UStream Live Broadcaster (free)
  6. No Traffic Tickets (free)
  7. MoFo2Go (free)

Assisting With Your Personal Life

  1. NotifyMe (free-$3.99)
  2. Grocery IQ ($0.99)
  3. Siri (free)
  4. Anti-Mosquito Pro ($0.99)
  5. Bills ~ On Your Table ($1.99)
  6. Yelp (free)
  7. RadLaser ($1.99)
  8. Relax ($2.99)
  9. Amazon Kindle (free)
  10. Mint (free)


  1. DirecTV (free)
  2. Cocktails+ ($2.99)
  3. Lightsaber Duel (available soon)
  4. Pandora Radio (free)
  5. SoundHound ($4.99)
  6. RunPee Mobile ($1.99)
  7. More Cowbell ($0.99)