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5 basic steps for building a solid social media brand

January 14, 2012 By: Dan Category: Marketing and Client Development, Technology

There is a great post on the Social Media Examiner blog today. It asks the question: “What message does your brand convey to socially engaged customers?”

I think too many people (and their SEO consultants) try to take the tact that you need to be all things to all people in all channels.  Unless you are a celebrity or politician, that is just not the way to go. By trying to be everything everywhere for everyone you and your message will get lost in the crowd. You want to create a brand and post content that connects with the audience that you want to reach – potential and existing clients.

The post outline 5 basic steps for building a social media brand that will give you a consistent and compelling brand voice. The 5 steps are:

1. Determine your brand personality

2. Identify your true audience

3. Develop a consistent tone

4. Timing is everything

5. Practice makes perfect

Read the SME post for more on what you can do to build a better social media brand in 2012.