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What to keep in your employee files: A small law firm’s guide

April 23, 2010 By: Dan Category: Firm Management & Operations

Our very good friend Jim Calloway wrote a great column for the April 22, 2010 LawyersUSA. It covers what should be in small law firm employee files.

In many small law firms there is no formal personnel file or other records for employees besides payroll and tax records. Jim’s article suggests that, at a minimum, there should be a separate file for every employee. Each employee file should contain:

  • contact information for the employee;
  • emergency contact information;
  • every Form W-4 the employee has furnished to the firm;
  • copies of all W-2s and other payroll and tax information could be kept in the employment file (or in another location).

Beyond the basics, consider including these things:

  • A job description;
  • A written employment application;
  • Copies of all documents submitted during the application process;
  • A copy of the written offer of employment;
  • Completed evaluations of the employee’s performance;
  • Notes about the employee’s errors.

Read the complete article here.

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