The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success

Essential Tips to Power Your Practice

About the book

Why did we write the book? Busy lawyers need to build their business skills, but do not have dozens of extra hours each month to scan mountains of magazine articles, read multiple books, or search Web site after Web site looking for new tips and ideas. They need “just in time” learning to acquire the knowledge necessary to build their practices. They need this book. Dare we say, you need this book!

We’ve endeavored to assemble the absolute best-ever collection of practical tips, ideas, and techniques to help you survive, thrive, and find success in the practice of law.

Throughout our more than 40 years of combined experience as practicing lawyers and practice management advisors, (practice management advisors (PMAs) work for state bar associations or law societies, providing lawyers with information, advice and resources on practice management issues) we have fielded questions and received feedback from thousands of phone calls, countless e-mails, and thousands of CLE attendees.

We have distilled the best ideas, tricks, and solutions into one book. (And to cover what we couldn’t fit in these pages, we point you to the best resources on each topic.) We have focused on eight key topics of interest and importance to all lawyers:
❖ Client service
❖ Marketing and client development
❖ Technology
❖ Coping with e-mail
❖ Making (more) money
❖ Ethics and professionalism
❖ Firm management and operations
❖ Strategy and planning

The format of this book makes the tips we cover easy to read, understand, and implement. Each collection of tips is built to provide the maximum information in the smallest possible unit. And each tip is a standalone bite-sized nugget that you can read once, understand, and implement with one step or, at most, a few simple steps.

After reading and implementing the tips in this book, you will be well on your way to being more effective and efficient, and this will translate to a better bottom line for your practice-and a happier you.

And while you’re reading the book, be sure to come back and visit our blog, to share your success stories and tips with our other readers. Enjoy the book, and the success that follows implementing these tips.

Dan and Reid

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