The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success

Essential Tips to Power Your Practice

Table of contents

This is the  Table of Contents of The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success: Tips to Power Your Practice by Reid Trautz and Dan Pinnington:


Client Service

  • Eleven tips to improve client service during intake
  • Thirteen small things to make your client service memorable
  • Eleven things that annoy clients most 10 Business etiquette matters
  • Telephone etiquette matters too
  • Five ways to avoid frustrated clients by making yourself more accessible
  • Great voice mail greetings
  • How to leave a productive voice mail message
  • Business entertainment dos and don’ts
  • Learning more about client service

Marketing & Client Development

  • Becoming the best marketer you can be
  • A marketing plan for an individual lawyer
  • Market yourself with technology and the Internet in 10 easy, free (or inexpensive) ways Nine tips for a client-focused Web site
  • Your office as a marketing tool
  • Eight ideas to more effective and enjoyable business networking
  • Learning more on marketing and client development


  • Time-saving PC keyboard shortcuts
  • Toggling between programs and documents on a PC
  • Mac keyboard shortcuts
  • Google search tips
  • Nine essential hardware, software, and gadgets
  • Learning more about legal technology

Coping with E-mail

  • Using Microsoft Outlook effectively
  • Send fewer e-mails and help save world productivity
  • Effective and safe use of e-mail
  • Learning more on coping with and managing e-mail

Making (More) Money

  • 14 tips to select clients who want to pay your fees
  • Technology and better timekeeping can help you capture more time
  • Five steps to better clients using a client report card
  • Seven tips to craft bills your clients want to pay
  • Ten tips to turbo charge your time and billing
  • Learning more on practice finances and making more money

Ethics & Professionalism

  • Maintaining a trustworthy trust account
  • Implement appropriate internal controls Truthful trust records
  • Don’t be passé about passwords
  • Creating strong passwords
  • 13 tips to avoid a malpractice claim
  • Twelve costly technology and e-mail gotchas
  • Learning more on ethics and professionalism

Management, Operations, and Staff

  • A dozen office productivity tips—practical tips for improving your productivity in the practice of law
  • Making the most of meetings
  • Nine easy tips to hiring terrific employees
  • Staff interview questions
  • Staff morale boosting tips that return dividends
  • Top 10 management feedback questions for your employees
  • Nine things to make staff an essential part of your team
  • A dozen topics for productive monthly staff meetings
  • Indispensable tips to navigate staff conflicts
  • Ten ideas to create a productive and rewarding staff telecommuting policy
  • Stress busters: A dozen practical tips for improving your performance in the day-to-day practice of law
  • Learning more on management, operations, and staff

Strategy and Planning

  • Seven New Year’s resolutions for a better practice
  • The 2/3 rule
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Strategic planning 101
  • The 7 keys to practice success
  • Learning more on strategy and planning

The book is 156 pages long.

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